Creating a sea of digital opportunities

What we do

Social Media Management


We ensure that you will reach the followers that we gain for you.


Quality tailored content is used to reach your target audience.


We’ll carry out a deep analysis of your strategies and put it into action.


If required, we will get designs made for your social media accounts.

Follower Interaction

Turning followers into fans of your business is our greatest priority.


Through our strategies, we will grow your page and keep you in the loop.

About us

A Social Media Agency based in the Netherlands

More and more businesses are focusing on marketing their business online to become more accessible. At one point, It was a choice to market your business online but now it has become a necessity. That is why we’re here.


Followers gained



Our achievements

Over 15k followers gained & counting...

We have been in Instagram business for 3 years and we have achieved quite a lot in that time period. In total, we have gained around ten to fifteen thousand followers for our clients with immense reach.

Case Study

From an empty skincare page to a page with growth and supporters

In this case study, I will go over how I turned the page of a skincare industry client, from an empty page to something with potential to compete and sustain. I will also go over how I can do the same for your business.


Before working together, we came up with a working growth strategy.


After we gained followers, we saw an increase in engagement.

Follower Interaction

We did such a great job the followers expressed support for the client.


We were creating content that was of a lot of value to the followers.


What our clients said about us.

"An agency that deserves respect"

‘’Nawledge Marketing has done an amazing job building my business account. Their idea of content marketing shows obvious success. Not every agency has the dedication to get an account to almost 400 followers in under a week or two. These things deserve respect.’’

Charles Kolb

Business owner

"The agency you need"

‘’Nawledge Marketing has meant a lot to my business. They have grown my Instagram page as if it was nothing and have given me valuable insight along the way. This is the agency you need.‘’

William Edlund