About us

We help our clients reach their online potential.


A social media agency based in the Netherlands.

More and more businesses are focusing on marketing their business online to become more accessible. At one point, It was a choice to market your business online but now it has become a necessity. That is why we’re here.


Our Mission

To offer a social media service that suffices your needs at a fair price and to provide a strong foundation which you can use to build your presence thereon.


Our Vision

We are aiming to provide services beyond social networking so that we can generate value for clients. We plan to equip and prepare businesses for what the future holds.


Our Approach

Providing a great service with transparency leading to happy clients and great results. In order to do that, we communicate, allocate and then begin with the experience.

Meet the founder of Nawledge Marketing.

Hello there, my name is Nawfal Bahri, with experience of 1+ year. In 2017, I figured out about Instagram and how you could use it to establish an online presence. I spent days and weeks researching about Instagram growth methods.

Nawfal Bahri.

I chose to put that knowledge into experience in 2019, with learning how to create content. I created an Instagram page and grew it from 0 to 15,000 at an engagement rate of 9 to 10%. Fair to say, a lot of lessons were learnt.

I started this agency in order to provide other businesses a great social media service with allowing them to reap the benefits of social media, at an affordable price, with fewer hassles. The aim will always be the same.